Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I wanna go. go? no go? wasted, pity...

Imma still around..

...like glue. Or chewing gum.

Monday, March 31, 2014

We went Legoland!

Finally made it to Legoland after it was opened for like a year, maybe? Heard so many friends making their trip down south to check the theme park out.

It was a very hot day, as expected, but we stumbled upon Mindstorm just at the right moment. Best thing about it is there are robotics classes held every hour or so for 8yo and above for FREE! So we quickly sign all of them up immediately. But that was not before 3 thrill rides, the mega big ones, that the rest went on.

Crowd was manageable, many times the Qs were only less than 10 mins or so, and some even no Qs!

We had a quick pizza lunch after their robotics, and then signed them up for another one at 3 and 4! So, basically, the whole afternoon we were hiding in the cold cave haha!

After which, hubs led us to the 4D cinema for, yes, get away from the scorching heat. The movie wasn't very impressive but who cares, I was seated, there was aircon and even drizzles of water making us all wet! lol.

By the time all these hiding ended, it was around 5pm, the sun was still there but it wasn't as hot anymore. We went up the riverboat which goes uphill and then down again where the water splashed us all wet again. Boy! That was rather fun. We were all half dripped.

The best time to move around and check out the rest of Legoland began from there. The kids had 4 rounds on the Lost Kingdom Adventure, shooting targets.

The showcase of famous landmarks at Miniland is superb. Then the two younger ones had a go at the driving range and off we go. But not before having a blast filling up a bag of Lego pieces for RM25/ bag. We were there from 11am to 8pm, right till it closed its doors and felt every cents spent on the tickets were well worth it!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Of family getting together, Sekinchan, Kuala Selangor fireflies

It was such a pleasant surprise when my elder brother suddenly whatsapp-ed me to find out if I had any plans for the weekend after Christmas. In fact, I had. I was thinking of going to Penang for that long weekend holiday but hotel rooms were not booked yet, so plans could change. 

Can someone please believe me, we moved back to KL to settle down since 2006 and not once he came and visit me! Although we do meet almost every year, mostly when we make a visit to Spore and at times in Ipoh for CNY, but he never took his family over for a visit. I'm sorry but I would be lying if I say I don't mind.

Anyhow, he made it this time and I was very happy and excited. Our parents came over too, why of course, even in such a short notice, like less than 24 hours! But they are retired elderly folks so it wasn't much of a problem.

We went on a road trip to Kuala Selangor after dimsum breakfast and stopping by for a visit to the old palace. 

Before we go, I tried to find information on where exactly it is to see the paddy fields and to watch the fireflies at night, but I just can't pinpoint exactly where. 

It was quite a long journey, and when we reached K. Selangor, we saw the Bukit Melawati already. Quickly find a parking which wasn't much of a problem and walked over to get the tram tickets. It was really quite a long queue  to hop on to the tram. Took like maybe 20 mins wait, and by the time we hopped on, the queue was even longer from when we arrived.

The tram ride was so-so and I think we were all supposed to alight at the peak of the hill to view the scenic spots and "play" with the silver leafed monkeys which were all over the place. But we saw a huge crowd waiting there and since there were 12 of us, we refused to budge, knowing well it would be hard for us to hop back up for the journey down later. The sky looked as if it would pour soon too and we really wanted to move on to Sekinchan. So, the people were like giving us the wtf looks but of course, we pretended we didn't see.. hehe...

By the time we get back to our cars, we were starving as we hadn't eaten anything after dimsum brunch. So, we just hopped in to the nearest shop where we can grab something to bite. 

 The shop here looked pretty cool, I'd say.

Moving on to Sekinchan, alas, it was pouring when we arrived. It was half an hour's drive from K. Selangor. We drove round and checked out the piers where fishing boats docks and then on to Pantai Redang. Since it was raining, we can't do much so we didn't get off from the cars. It was around 5.30pm by then and we thought since we can't do much, we might as well have an early dinner.

Drove to a seafood restaurant, simply la, and saw a kedai runcit selling seafood stuffs. Hang around, browsed around, bought some stuffs and by the time we were done, hey, the sky had cleared! So we made a change of plan and go over to the paddy fields. I really really wanted to see the infamous paddy fields.

It wasn't difficult locating the fields. Actually it is just at the right side as we drive from K.Selangor and upon reaching Sekinchan.

The fields were indeed vast and beautiful. But before we went down to take a closer look, we had to go find the factory to buy a few sacks of rice first. Hubs asked a local for directions and presto, we found it uneventfully alright!

All of us enjoyed ourselves in the calm and serenity of the vast field, even my first nephew who looked quiet and solemn most days seemed to be quietly appreciating it.  My brother and sis-inlaw says it's great we brought them there as they haven't seen paddy before, only knowing how to eat rice. :)

After dinner, we started on our journey back. Initially the plan was to catch the fireflies watching before heading home but as it was raining again, we thought of abandoning the plan. As we reach K. Selangor, meimei was desperate to pee and fortunately, we saw a row of new empty shops on our left.

We thought of just stopping by and letting her pee hidden away from the lights, but then I saw there was a hotel buzzing with activity just a bit forward.

Hubs went down and asked the person at the hotel lobby if he knew we could still watch fireflies in the drizzle at that time. That person referred to another and what a pleasant surprise, there was a jetty for fireflies watching right there where we were! We didn't need to go and look for another venue that we were recommended to earlier by a local.

As we were contemplating whether to go or no go, I said what the heck, just go! For all I know, this was my first time, and I have heard so much about it, and I don't think I want to drive so far away to watch fireflies anymore, so I really wanted to check it out myself there and then already.

The fees were RM15 per person, same pricing for adults or children. My parents didn't want to go so we had to abandon them. 

And my oh my, it was quite a exhilarating boating experience going down the river in darkness like that. Then we saw the fireflies and the 2 locals who accompany us on the boat caught one or two for us to hold in our cupped palms. It was magical. But holy cow, there were SO many mozzies having a feast on our legs!!! That really spoiled the wholesome experience. And we got a bit wet too since it was drizzling, although the boat has a shelter.

The whole boat ride took around 30 mins or so and all of us went home happy and satisfied that we did see the fireflies after all. Though it was a refreshing bit of things-to-see activity, I won't do it the second time. First time, ok ler...

The drive back to KL was pretty bad at some points. It was raining heavily and there weren't any street lights. I relied on car lights in front of me to find the way and drove at a steady comfortable speed. Just prayed there weren't any potholes on the road I was on, else it would be unimaginable disaster. When we touched the highway, I could finally breathe in relief. By the time we got home it was like 10.30pm. What a great day it had been indeed!

The next day, we just went to Midvalley. The smaller ones played happily at MegaKidz while the rest did their shopping. After couple of hours, we went back home and celebrated mom's 70th birthday for her. 
Soon, it was almost time to bid farewell but not before a sumptuous Thai meal for dinner. I really wish that they would come by more often, well, at least once a year or two.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Performance as a school team in Singapore.

I meant to blog about this for the longest time, as you can see from the picture above, this happened in early Nov 2013. That was like more than 2 months ago. There were so many moments I wanted to write down for remembrance, but as it is, my memory faded much and I can't remember what I wanted to say now! :)

For all I know, not only the 12 team members had fun, we, mothers tagging along for the show had so much fun too. I, together with another mom, were asked to be the "official" chaperon for the girls. We held several meetings to ensure our preparation was sufficient, of course with the guidance of their coach and the coach's boss, however, there were still some minor hiccups here and there. Nothing major fortunately.

One thing I was impressed with the other team from another school, was being prepared with some simple labeling of luggage. There were so many luggage and we could hardly identify which belongs to whom and at one time, we just need to move those luggage ourselves while the girls were doing the warming up and practice and the other moms away somewhere looking for lunch. Exhausting!

The girls had so many practices before the event, about 2 months before, for once a week. The coach had a very high standard, as she herself had been a national gymnast herself, so she was constantly shouting and training hard on the girls.

The hardest part was the 2 triangular formation throwing their apparatus to another and most often than not, one or two would not be able to catch it and clanking sounds would be heard. Not very impressive.

And they totally couldn't find their positioning like usual as they weren't doing the act on a mat, as opposed to what they had been used to normally. But overall, the girls had done impressively well, apart from the positioning all went havoc. We were all very pleased with them indeed.

Throughout the 3 nights stay, 6 of us mothers, with 2 girls in a hotel room respectively, each taking care both someone else's children. We followed the guide carefully with regard to timing, dressing, how the hair to be done and led the girls in and out of the hall as and when we need to.

On the first travelling day, we were very excited indeed. Had to go in the early morning as flight was 8+. Settled checked in process, chomped down our breakfast of plain egg sandwich (which was without butter, margarine or mayo), took group pictures, and marched the girls all the way to the plane.

Once there, we were taken to the hall venue in a bus and almost immediately the girls need to change and start to warm up for their one and only rehearsal that they were going to have.

The other official chaperon was stressed up as the girls had got almost everything wrong, but seriously who can blame them? It was unfamiliar territory, there were SO many gymnasts occupying every little space there was at the hall and music was blaring loudly for whichever team in the rehearsal. I just can't understand why she would be so stressed. Poor thing. I'm just the laidback type who feel it's not worth my time to be stressed up on.

After the rehearsal over, we were transferred to the hotel for checking in and there, we had to play the waiting game again. When the key for our rooms came, it was such a relief. All of us just couldn't wait to jump and lie down on the bed while waiting to take a good long hot shower. After which, we were just too tired to walk out for dinner and settle for the buffet dinner right next to the hotel lobby. It was one of the more relaxing times then as we ate and chatted and camwhored for the evening.

Every evening, the coach would be doing a spot check on the rooms on the girls' cleanliness. Then we would have to proceed to a lower floor for briefing. Lord knows how tired we already were each night when we finally passed out on our beds.

The first day of the event, it was an opening ceremony rehearsal in the morning. Though the team performance was only to be held on the 2nd day, we still need to get our butts there for its marching in ceremony and participating in the flash mob.

Being there initially was very exciting. We took hundreds of pictures and totally absorbed the experience and ambience. But I have to say, after a couple of hours, it was soon becoming daunting and dragging. I so wanted to get out of there!

There was an official dinner that evening, only opened for all the team members from around the world, their coaches and official chaperons. Waiting patiently was part of the skill we needed to get through the day. But lo and behold, it was disaster when we were finally shown to the dinner venue. It was supposed to be a standing cocktail dinner for gymnasts all over the world to get to know each other and there were only less than 10 tables there and certainly not enough chairs, for even the younger members to sit.

The 12 girls were already sharing 6 chairs and yet, someone from the hotel organizer for this dinner event asked us to share with the children from China! I normally don't blow my head off but I just couldn't swallow it anymore that time and told her off for not doing proper planning! They knew exactly how many people there were coming to that event and how many young children as well! huff!

Eventually the gymnasts finished taking their dinner in (which was strictly restricted as they needed to keep to their diet and closely monitored by their watchful coaches hovering around) and me and another mom (who took over from the pain-throbbing head of the other chaperon) finally get to sit back and relax. Good time to gossip as well. :)

Dang, when we got back to the hotel and had our shower, we still needed to wait for briefing. The briefings were getting later and later in time!

Finally the day had arrived for their performing moment. All of us were so kancheong! The girls, we could see, were all pressured to the max. Done the make up, waited for showtime to kick off and finally, our hearts pumping real fast to see their act. For the life of me, I myself don't know why we were so stressed. It was after all, not a competition and well, why??? beats me.

After lunch and seated there watching one after another performance from other countries, it was just getting too much to stomach in a day. We asked to be excused for the long dinner break and moved the girls out to walk outside to a nearby neighborhood mall. Just anything to take a breather! Really! We walked 15-20mins under the hot sun, only to eat some fruits at a food court, walked around aimlessly for awhile and then back to the hall already. wtf! But still, it felt better than continuing to sit and watch.

I then sneaked off (with permission) to go out for dinner with hubby (who drove over to Singapore the previous day) together with didi and korkor and my sis-inlaw in Spore with her family. Just feel glad to be away from the hall (for more breather!)

That night, bugger, we still need to wait up for the briefing which lasted way till almost midnight! dang! Though it was more like a small little party and rewards for the girls, all us moms were seen yawning away and kept looking at the time.

On the last day, the girls went to the zoo  in a coach bus after breakfast while I let another mom to go along in my place as she liked to take her younger son to join them. The other chaperon did the same, and eventually, we together with a few others, hang out in one of the rooms, then walked over to one after another mall, drinking coffee, trying to search for RG apparatus and reached back the hotel at the stipulated time.

Oh, did we have fun then. It was really one of the most enjoyable moment in the trip, chatting and laughing all the way.

Soon we were all in the airport ready to go home, but there were still several hours to kill there. Had our dinner, which was very yummy, and browsed a short while at the airport shops until the boarding time was near.

Good to be home again. Wonderful and memorable trip it was. Though a bit pricey (we paid for the entire trip for the girls and ourselves), but it was indeed memorable and amazingly fun. Am I doing it again? Seriously, I don't know. :)

Friday, January 03, 2014

Great day out at sea

On Sunday, the 3rd full day in Bali, we went out for fun in the sea.

Hubs bought the packages on Friday evening after dinner at a discounted rate of USD75 from USD95 per person. Don't you just respect his bargaining skill? He learned there were many operators of the same kind and what this operator has that the others do not have are..
1. the platform we were going to spend a few hours in, is newer and better.
2. the platform has covered decks while the rest has none.
3. this platform has 2 decks while the rest only one.
4. the corals where this platform is based on, are alive while the rest are dead corals.

Actually, these are just hearsay also laa, dunno how true also...

We woke up very early that morning to stuff ourselves full at the hotel breakfast buffet first and then await the arrival of the van to pick us up to go to the pier.

Everything went well. We got the things we need, we applied layers of sunblock lotion whilst on the van and yes, the sun that day was very kind to us.

 The big boat which has 3-4 decks, was comfortable with aircond and comfy seats. Unfortunately, we were almost the lasts to board the boat and as there wasn't allocated seats, we were all scattered around. But then again, towards the later half of the ride, some of us went up to the open air deck to enjoy the sea wind blowing our hair like celebrities.

 The destination was this platform where we would spend about 3 hours before we were to hop back in to the big boat to return to Bali island.

There were around 200+ people on the boat, heard the day before was even more, about 300+!

 We quickly find our camping spot and after dumping all our bags there, hubs was the first to go into the sea, followed by the kids. I, of course, stayed to observe longer and take pictures first. The platform was rather impressive, it has a jacuzzi area as in the picture above.
 There's this slide where you go straight into the sea, how fun! The kids had uncountable times having fun on this slide.
 Life jackets of 3 sizes available for everyone.
 There's even this designated area for kids who are too afraid to go into the open sea. How cute!

 Ample showers to rid the salty seawater. No shampoo or soaps are allowed to be used.

 Changing rooms (which smelled terrible though)
 And even an underwater deck for people who doesn't want to get wet but like to see what's down beneath. Though I would say, the view wasn't enchanting from those windows.

 Snorkeling gear free to be used. The snorkeling experience wasn't quite a big deal though, mainly because the current was really strong. All of us couldn't swim far at all and I was very worried of the kids being swept away by the strong current too. I myself tried swimming and then figured the current sweep me back to the same spot, like I never moved away before. I got so exhausted making sure I was not drifted away far by the current, more so worried sick for the kids. So, we didn't spend much time enjoying the snorkeling experience, like what we did before in previous vacations.

 A buffet spread ready by 11am. Tasted so so, but well, as I've said, I'm no fussy eater. As long as it's swallow-able and I don't need to starve, I'm always good to go.

 They have this smaller semi-submersible boat which goes around in a small circle where we could see lots of fish and coral undersea. It was quite a good idea, but I would say, after sometime, it looked pretty much boring and the same. I won't go for a second time, let's put it that way.

We were then taken to a small island nearby after this semi-submersible boat, but there wasn't much to do. We were told there was cock fighting, some young people were playing volleyball and there was a beach but it wasn't much appealing. After using the toilet and hanging around for less than 10 mins or so, we wanted to go back to the platform instead of staying there any longer.

We went for banana boating for several rounds. I just went once and uh-uh, I don't fancy it very much. The kids were, of course, thrilled. I was praying hard that they come back safe and sound and not fall into the sea. Worry worry worry.. I'm indeed a worry fart. Watudo, just read this piece of news of a little 2yo toddler died after purposefully thrown into the sea at a banana boat ride. OK la, I know she was just 2yo, but still???

Anyway, we had a great day out at sea and everyone was happy. Even my FIL eventually got himself wet and tried the banana boat ride.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Uluwatu temple - temple by the cliff

Lots of reviews can be found on this top tourist spot. As usual, I have no idea what to expect... haha.

 The guide told us to be careful of our glasses, that the monkeys would come snatch it from us. In my mind, I thought, yau moe gum sai lai ah?? The monkeys must be daring to be upclose to snatch the glasses away right under our noses! I mean, on top, in this case. I brushed the warning aside thinking it's just ridiculous.

Didi meanwhile, took note of that warning VERY seriously.. haha. He took it off and told me to keep that for him in my bag. wokay....

 I was mesmerized by the view I saw as we climbed up to the spot overlooking the sea, slowly absorbing all the glory of nature and taking pictures of everything I saw. Eventually I caught up with the rest of the gang and there was a small commotion at the little rest area. Wtf! Hubs' glasses was REALLY snatched by a notorious monkey and I saw a local exchanging items with the monkey to get his glasses back for him. After several attempts, finally he got it back, but with some minor scratches and dents and saliva (yucks!) on it. Another local seller told us to pay the woman 50k rupiah for her help. We thought the monkeys were all well trained to snatch things from tourists. You can clearly see the monkeys were all well fed and so overweight.

Anyhow, after that experience, we had no mood to stay on longer. Even one of my SIL's phone was almost snatched from a monkey. They were SOOO notorious indeed. I saw it in action and fortunately she held her phone tight and the monkey failed in his mission.
I must say, that tourist attraction has its spectacular view indeed but not very well kept, unlike Tanah Lot. Rubbish were thrown around and monkeys, oh, did I already tell what about them? We didn't linger much here. I know the sunset would be breathtaking but the sky was overcast so I doubted if we stayed we would be able to catch the beautiful sunset.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014


*gasp* it's 2014!

What will be in store? What do I want to achieve in this year? 

Whatever it may be, I know I will be living life fully. It'll be another great year making memories with my kids, my family and my friends. I know.

Wishing my loved ones the same too. 

Happy New year, folks!